Minimum Order:
Minimum Dollar Amount: $100.00 per order. Less than minimum, a $20.00 charge will apply.

Credit Cards or payment, check for all new customers.

What is covered? Manufacturer defects
What is Not Covered? Wear and tear; Non-sellable items

Return Policy:

When purchasing at, the sale is final. Any claim for defective items must be reported to us via E-mail at within three business days from the date you receive the shipment.

A Return Authorization Number(RAN) will then be issued for that. We do not accept any defect claim requests after the three-day period is over or if the item has been used or damaged for any reason. Each claimed defect item needs to be returned in original package within ten business days after issuing Return Authorization Number(RAN) or it will be identified as a misuse defect. In that case no credit will be issued or replacements will be approved.